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student accommodation_host family in BarcelonaStudent Accommodation: Host Family

One of our accommodation offers for our Spanish students is a stay with a welcoming local host family.

For those students wishing to have a more intense stay in Barcelona (in terms of language practice), we recommend them  to stay in a host family. Our host families are carefully selected taking into account parameters such as the space available in the house, the quality of the food and the willingness of the family to treat the students as if they were part of the family. There are several reasons why we would recommend a stay with a  host family:

a) The comforts of home

The host family provides full board accommodation, and laundry service once a week. You will have your own key and you will have all the freedom and independence you want (except for keeping the general house rules).

b) A closer look into the Spanish culture

The host family prepares home-made food for you so that you can enjoy the taste of Spanish cuisine. You will share most of the meals with the family (mainly breakfast and dinner) and so you will learn about Spanish culture from a closer (and inner) perspective. Daily routines can be a little bit shocking; for example in Spain people have lunch at around 14:00 and they have dinner at around 21:00 or later.

c) Practice Spanish Non-Stop

Finally, but not less important, staying in a host family guarantees that you keep practicing Spanish at all times. Spanish is the language that you will hear when you wake up, and Spanish is the language that you will hear before going to bed. This will enhance your listening and speaking skills making your Spanish level dramatically increase within a few weeks.

Sundays: Family day

On Sundays you can enjoy a ‘family day’. Most of the families on Sundays do some special activity such as going to the beach, going to the mountain or visiting some relatives. You can participate in these family activities which will give you a deeper understanding of Spanish culture and society.

We require a €100 deposit that will be refunded if the facilities are left in proper conditions.

Summer offer: now no ENROLLMENT fees!!!