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Student from Denmark at a Spanish lessonSpanish Courses for Adult Students

At Olympia Languages we provide intensive Spanish courses in small groups next to the beach.

Our experienced teachers will help you learn the language in a friendly and motivating way. Each course is customized to the profile of the student, you can find more detailed information below:

  • General Spanish course (Standard).
  • General Spanish course (reduced groups).
  • DELE Preparation Spanish course.
  • Spanish course + one-to-one (20+5).
  • Conversation lessons.
  • Spanish Immersion (20+30).
  • Customized courses (sailing, dancing, cooking, etc.).
  • See pricelist adult students

Description of our Spanish courses:

General Spanish course (Standard): This is the basic course if you want to improve your level of Spanish. You will have 4 hours of lessons every day with a 10 minute break in between. In this Spanish Course you will not find more than 8 students in each class so that the teacher can pay you a lot of attention.

  • Spanish Lessons: 20 hours/week (one academic hour is 50 minutes).
  • Max. 8 students/class.
  • 9:30 to 14:00.price eur adults standard

General Spanish course (Reduced groups): In this Spanish course you will receive a more personal approach. The maximum number of students in this course is 4, and most of the times you will only have one partner. It is the ideal Spanish course to get the most of the teacher.

  • Spanish Lessons: 20 hours/week.
  • Max. 4 students/class (average 2 students/class).
  • 9:30 to 14:00.Prices Adult Spanish reduced groups

DELE Preparation course: This Spanish course is specifically designed for those students willing to obtain an official certificate from Instituto Cervantes. The maximum number of students in this course is 4, so that the teacher can focus on your personal needs in order to help you pass the exam:

  • Spanish Lessons: 20 hours/week.
  • Max. 4 students/class (average 2 students/class).
  • 9:30 to 14:00.Prices Adult Spanish reduced groups

General Spanish course + One-to-One (20+5): This Spanish course is the ideal choice for those students willing to work on a special area such as DELE exam preparation, some business Spanish or scientific Spanish. It combines one of the courses above (general Spanish standard or reduced groups) with 5 one-to-one lessons per week. Every day you will attend your group lessons from 9:30 to 14:00, then you will have a lunch break and then you will have a one-to-one lesson from 15:00 to 16:00.

  • Spanish Lessons: 20 hours/week of General Spanish.
  • One-to-one spanish lessons: 5 hours/week. For example DELE exam preparation.
  • 9:30 to 16:00.adult spanish course price eur ad + one to one

Add Conversation & activities sessions: You can add conversation Spanish lessons to the courses explained above in order to improve your oral skills. Every conversation lesson lasts 4 hours and it is combined with activities in order to enhance the learning process. The activities include: visit to La Sagrada Familia, cycling, beach evening… The conversation lessons are held in a fun environment with a Spanish instructor who will correct your mistakes and will teach you common expressions.

  • 4 hours/session. (note that we count in hours).
  • Max. 8 students/class (average 4 students/class).
  • From 16:00 to 20:00.Price adult Spanish students with extra activities

Spanish Immersion (20+30): The intensive Spanish course is ideal for those students willing to immerse themselves into the Spanish language. You will practice Spanish non-stop and you will dramatically improve your level  within a few weeks. The intensive Spanish course consists of the general Spanish course (20 hours/week) with 30 hours/week of conversation lessons. You will have 4 hours/day of conversation from Monday to Friday and you will have 10 hours of conversation on Saturdays. The lesson on Saturday is combined with a full-day trip to an interesting place such as la Costa Brava or Sitges.

  • Spanish Lessons: 20 hours/week (note that we count in hours).
  • Spanish Conversation lessons & Activities: 30 hours/week (includes Saturday day trip).
  • 9:30 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00.

Private lessons: If you want a teacher fully committed to you, your choice is taking private lessons. Our private lessons range from 25€/hour to 35€/hour depending on the amount of hours booked. Please contact us for a customized budget.

Customized courses: Our customized courses allow you to combine Spanish lessons in an international atmosphere with evening activities with locals. You will have your Spanish lessons in the mornings and then you can join a dancing course, a cooking course or a sailing course in the afternoons. You can also have lessons in the afternoons instead or evenings instead! Contact us to ask for your tailor-made course!

  • Spanish Lessons: 20 hours/week (note that we count in hours).
  • 9:30 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00.
  • Afternoon activities: golf, dancing, sailing, cooking…
  • Learn more about our activities.

Overview of all our Spanish courses in Barcelona.


  • Sailing course (12 hours/week): 270€/week.
  • Dancing course (6 hours/week): 90€/week.
  • Golf: (5 lessons + 5 hours of practice): 290/week.
  • Cooking: 200€/week.
  • Skiing week (includes 5 days of forfaits, accommodation next to the ski station, skiing lessons, insurance, etc.): 870€.

Books and Enrollment Fee:

Books: 35€ (for rent: 5€ per week). Enrollment: 60€.


  • From Sunday (before the start of the course) to Sunday (after course’s end)
  • Shared apartment: 175€/week
  • Host Family (full board – single bedroom): 260€/week
  • Host Family (half board): 220€/week

Transfers from El Prat – Barcelona Airport.

  • One way: 80€.
  • Arrival+ return: 150€
Summer offer: now no ENROLLMENT fees!!!